Mobile website design, how important is that?

Mobile website design, how important is that?

Are you high in Google? Hey, you think, this was about website design, what did it do with my position in Google? An increasing number of website visits are via mobile devices. Google, therefore, provides structurally higher mobile-friendly sites. That puts clear demands on website design and many people think of the term ‘responsive.’ Unfortunately, ‘responsive’ is only part of the solution. In this article, we, therefore, discuss mobile-first website design. We are at the heart of this design ideology and tell you how to apply this in practice.


Growth of mobile internet

On average, around 25-30% of the website visits today are taken from a mobile phone. That is, for the sake of clarity, exclusive tablet. Although the desktop stays our top screen during working hours, it’s the mobile phone and later on the tablet in the morning.

What do you think: will this be more or less in the coming years?

Exactly, and therefore it is essential that websites operate optimally on a mobile phone and tablet.

Responsive web design is not the same as mobile-first website design

An important term in the design and development of a website is the so-called ‘responsiveness.’ In short, it will determine the extent to which a website adapts to the size of your screen. If you see only half a picture and the text is too small or too big (unreadable), then the website is not responsive. A responsive website makes text easily readable and reduces images so you can review it.

Difference between mobile first and desktop first

The above example probably makes the challenge quite clear. But how does mobile-first website design help us solve this problem? When we talk about design ideologies, progressive enhancement and graceful degradation, either gradual improvement and graceful degradation, are straightforward.

Why mobile-first website design wins

Gradual improvement sounds more confident than graceful degradation, and that is not entirely coincidental. There are three reasons why mobile-first is better than desktop-first.

Content = King

A mobile-first approach is also a content-first approach. Mobile has the biggest limitations in screen size, bandwidth, and attention teams. Keeping that in mind while designing makes clear what matters: your content.  What is important to remember is that mobile users sometimes find completely different content than desktop users. For mobile users, address information or an easy to find download is sometimes the most important while a desktop user wants to read an article or watch a video.


To grab a website design gracefully, the full site for the largest screen must first be loaded. Then we will not see many parts on mobile simply. Best a strange approach when we talk about a medium (mobile phone) where the speed of the connection is not always fantastic, right?

And then we only talk about the ease of use of a website that loads quickly. We previously mentioned Google, guess how much the load rate of your site is in your position in the search engine?

Power of design

It may be a dump See what’s left of that revolutionary design on a mobile phone. All amazing graphics, effects, and animations are lost, and only your content remains. You only recognize the font and the colors. Starting with designs for the smallest screens will let you loose all your creativity. Then you can design the ‘pimps’ for larger screens!

Mobile first website design is complicated. It’s either the ‘best, ‘ but mobile-first is a lot harder than desktop-first. If you are behind your laptop you do not scare a page with 1,000 words but what about your mobile phone? How often do you want to swap before you enter it? Before you can start with a mobile-first design, you should answer some of the troublesome questions. Nobody sells you a mobile-first website design. Why? We would like to make it clear with the following two questions:

What sells easier, flashy and extensive desktop-first design or a crisp mobile-first website design?

Which of the two will present a website builder or marketing agency to you? A mobile first design, your organization is undoubtedly more beneficial. For us, that’s something else; we usually work first on the positioning and proposition of a company. Mobile first designs will be a lot easier.

Why web design is so important

It is remarkable to mention that there are entrepreneurs without a website. A website is definitely vital in this time. As an entrepreneur, you just miss a lot of money at the time your website is not up to date. Many entrepreneurs see their website as a cost tag, and do not want to spend any money. But you should think about it very well. And a good website does not have to cost much. In addition, a good website is an investment in your business. When your web design is in good shape, this can be a lot of applications and customers. However, it is important to know that it has to be done professionally.

To outsource or do yourself?

Some entrepreneurs are very helpful. And a new website may not seem to be difficult at first. Yet many companies are mistaken in this. Because developing a website is really a subject. The website design + the best way to attract customers. Companies that focus on web design or web development on online marketing or search engine optimization generally have an advantage. They can design your website directly with other things in mind. Therefore, do not just compare the price of the web design company, check what they’re going to do exactly. Because you always get what you pay for.

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